We are The Stinger.

We are The Stinger. We are here to talk about Brentford FC. We might talk about other things. We say what we think. Read, enjoy, agree, disagree, sting.




We are The Stinger.
We’d like to tell you what we think about Saturday’s match.
We didn’t see it.
We won’t describe the black box we saw instead.

Tired of football, tired of life.

Brentford’s exit from the EFL cup last night was embarrassing.
The Stinger extends much respect to the 370+ Bees who travelled to watch a team without pride playing for a manager without pride, lose to yet another lower league team. They will have known when they set off that this was what was on offer, but they still went.
The Stinger respects that. Mr Smith and his team did not. That they were probably expecting to be let down by the playing staff doesn’t make that disrespect any lighter.
So far, so every season. After the game, Smith was angry. As he should be. As were plenty of the travelling fans. Except he wasn’t angry because his team had lost a game and went out of a competition. He was angry because his team had to play extra time. Which was tiring. In the second game of the season. In the second game of the season when he had already “rested” players.
Hold on a minute.
Brentford are a Championship club. We aren’t the richest, but we pay our players a healthy full-time wage. The players train. They play pre-season games. They fly abroad to do that, which nobody really understands, but is all the rage with the “big clubs” so we do it too.
But our players are tired. In August. So The Stinger has to ask a question.
What is going on with the training, Mr Smith?